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Complications are the functions of a mechanical movement that go beyond the ordinary indicators of hours, minutes and seconds. Thus, complications are additional features of a movement such as the indication of the date, the lunar phase or several time zones. It is little known that the minute indicator used to be a kind of complication as well. The distinguishing characteristic of the complication is that it divides the course of the hour hand into different periods with the help of a mechanism. Well known complications are the large calendar, the chronograph – after which a watch with this function is named –, the tourbillion and finally the striking mechanism. A watch with all of these four functions is called Grande Complication – however, these watches are very rare.

In the following, a short overview of different types of watches and complications – as we offer them – is given. Please visit our webpage for further information on your watch. Regarding information on the use of certain complications see “Handling”.